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March 30, 2006

It's time to give to Darcy

The entire gang is asking for money for Darcy.  With good reason.  There is no better time to donate than today.  The DCCC has set a high bar, $320,000, for her to raise by the end of the quarter (today), in order for them to jump in and help her campaign.  Go, donate.

This is the most likely Congressional seat we can flip in the entire Northwest.  Darcy Burner is a great candidate.  Our part in taking back the House, and limiting the damage that the Bush Administration can do in the next two years, is to make sure that Darcy gets elected.

She needs this.  Darcy is close but she needs your donation, whatever you can give, even if it's a small amount. Today.  I just did it.  It's the right thing to do.

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