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March 20, 2006

Patty Urges Us to Support Darcy

Senator Patty Murray has sent out an urgent letter to her supporters asking them to support Darcy Burner and send money for her election in the 8th Congressional District.  She puts it in the context of TAKING BACK CONTROL OF CONGRESS.  (Her caps.)

It is time that we had a representative in the 8th Congressional District who will fight for the issues and the values we care about.  I am confident that Darcy Burner is such a person. In 2004 we came within a few percentage points of winning the 8th District.  We learned some very important lessons from that election – we must start earlier, spend more time in the parts of the district we lost, and WORK HARDER THAN WE EVER HAVE.

Darcy Burner is a thoughtful, hard working candidate who will represent the people living and working in East King County. Growing up in a military family and rising as a leader at Microsoft, Darcy understands the issues facing the people of the district – from the high tech centers in the north to the working families in the south.

DARCY LEFT HER JOB AT MICROSOFT TO HELP CHANGE THE DIRECTION OF THIS COUNTRY.  I commend her for her willingness to make that sacrifice to fight for the people of the 8th Congressional District and Washington State.  Now she needs your commitment to support her.  A contribution of $50 - $100 - $200 - $500 or whatever you and your family can afford, will help us change the direction of this country and put it back on the right track– but we cannot do it without your generous help! 

Please visit her campaign website and make a donation TODAY!   Donors can contribute up to $2,100 per election.

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