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March 30, 2006

U.S. Going Blue

The President's Approval Ratings from Survey USA polls have been mapped by state with color codes.  There's a cool slide show that takes us month by month through the poll results over the last year.  The map has gone increasingly blue and the March 2006 map is a pleasure to behold.

For you real wonks, DKos diarist dreaminonempty has sliced and diced the Survey USA poll information by region; by political affiliation (Republicans, Democrats and Independents); by ethnicity;  and in many more ways. 

The truly interesting data is that declining Republicans support for Bush is what is now driving his poll numbers down.  I don't suppose that Democratic support could go much lower.  And, as has been reported elsewhere, the number of people identifying as Democrats is going up and the number identifying as Republicans is going down.

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