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March 19, 2006

Visiting Portland? Check Out this Play

Questions of war and how we make societal choices about going to war are at the heart of a smart new play currently running in Portland at the Sojourn Theatre. The play is called "The War Project: 9 Acts of Determination".  The play is fragmented, dreamy and non-political.  It comes together as we identify with and care for the characters the actors bring to life and explore the hard questions with them.

I have mulled over the question of how we as a society are going to deal with our part in this dreadful war.  It seems that our national angst about the Vietnam War was never dealt with and had to get played out again with what, I suspect, will be far worse consequences for us, the world, and certainly the Iraqi people.  So somehow we must deal with this sense of entitlement that brings us to interfer in the national lives of others for access to resources under the pretenses of "bringing democracy" or "preventing the communist dominos from falling". 

South Africa had a long running "Truth and Reconciliation" commission where people all over the country had the opportunity to talk about crimes they had committed during the era of apartheid and ask for forgiveness, or not.  It seems clear that our national DNA doesn't allow for a similar therapy.  With luck, art will help us have that discussion and work out our feelings and possibly our differences.  This play is a wonderful beginning.

Check out the play and how to order tickets if you get the opportunity to see this play.

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