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April 01, 2006

Darcy Blows the Numbers Out

We got word from the Darcy Burner campaign last night that the money was pouring in.  With contributions of all sizes from around the state, the campaign expects to beat the $320,000 goal set by the DCCC for Darcy to receive additional national support.  People have understood how important this race is and how important it is to get a good Democratic candidate into this seat. 

They brought in $130,000 in 10 days.  The campaign expects that they have exceeded the goal and made it clear to the national groups that Darcy is an incredibly viable candidate. 

She will make a statement about the numbers and her performance on Monday.

They also greatly appreciate what the blogs have done for her.  Thanks to all of you who contributed.

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This is terrific news!

Out of curiosity, anyone know if Heidi Behrens-Benedict ever received an equivalent matching contribution from the DCCC when she was a seemingly perennial opponent of Jennifer Dunn's?

Posted by: Daniel K | Apr 1, 2006 1:56:49 PM

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