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April 23, 2006

Walking and Talking to Rebuild the Party

Volunteers across the nation will go door-to-door to talk with their neighbors about the Democratic Party’s bold vision for America based on honest leadership and real security next Saturday, April 29th.  The 50-State Strategy will bring the Democratic message to doorsteps across America. 

The DNC says this is a new undertaking for the Party, unprecedented in its scope.  Sign up now to take part.  In Seattle you can specify where you would like to canvass.  I asked for my own precinct and since I’m due up to be PCO in a few months when the current PCO moves from the area, it seems a good way to get started.   

The issues we will be asking about are:

Honest Leadership & Open Government
Real Security
Energy Independence
Economic Prosperity & Educational Excellence
A Healthcare System that Works for Everyone
Retirement Security

A good place to start.  Sign on up. 

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