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May 12, 2006

2006 is poised to be the year for transit in Seattle

With the demise of the Monorail last year, where pro-transit forces had been content to fight with each other, our dysfunctional family can finally reunite with the common goal of making Seattle a city where transit is #1.

In 2006 Seattle voters will be presented with two transportation measures.  Measures that I believe should be presented in Seattle as companion measures to get buses on the street and transit moving through the city.  With the King County Transit Now! initiative adding buses to the city and the region. The transportation measure in Seattle should focus on moving buses through downtown and the city.

Creating a progressive, environmentally friendly urban city is really a recipe of an investment in transit, combined with transit oriented land use decisions, such as smart growth, affordable housing and transit oriented development.

Thank you Lynn for inviting me to contribute to Evergreen Politics. I’m looking forward to it.

My current passion is advocating for transit funding in the Seattle region and in Washington State.  I have a blog called Urban Transit.

I’ve worked on over twenty local political campaigns in the Seattle area as a fundraiser, field organizer, campaign manager and consultant, campaigns that include the 2000 Seattle Parks Levy and the 2001 Seattle School Levies.  I’ve also worked with numerous candidates running for local offices. Additionally, I worked as the legislative assistant to State Representative Ed Murray. I am currently the development coordinator for The Positive Futures Network, publishers of YES! magazine. I am a lifelong Seattle resident and currently live in the Fremont neighborhood.


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Welcome to Evergreen Politics. We look forward to your posts and weaving your expertise and thoughts into what we provide our readers.

Posted by: Lynn | May 12, 2006 9:04:36 PM

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