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May 12, 2006

29 and Falling

The Wall Street Journal has the details of the latest Harris poll on Bush's Approval Rates.  It is astounding.  Harris is likely only the first of many that will be coming in with figures in the high 20's over the next week. 

Some of the key items:

  • Bush's approval rating went from 43% in January and 35% in April to the 29% now. That's a huge drop.
  • The Congressional approval rating fell to 18% (in Dick Cheney territory) from 25% in February.
  • The gender gap is gone as far as approval goes: Men have Bush at 29% and women have him at 28%.
  • The numbers for right direction/wrong direction, often more closely linked to voting patterns, is worse - only 24% of the public believes that the country is going in the right direction.  However we do have a gender gap here: 29% of men said the country was going in the right direction while only 19% of women said the same.  Only 48% of Republicans said we are going in the right direction (this is going to hurt them - means lots of room for those approval numbers to continue to drop), while only 19% of Independents and 13% of Democrats agreed that the country is going in the right direction.
  • When asked what are the key issues the government should address, Iraq came in top at 28%, following by immigration at 16% and gas and oil prices at 14%, the economy at 13% and healthcare at 8%.
  • The trend for Independents to line up with Democrats is continuing, with 67% of Republicans still showing approval for Bush, while only 19% of Independents and 10% of Democrats approve.  These statistics provide us with support for what is being called the "Indycrat" realignment, a huge support for the idea that this will be a "wave year" politically. 

And, this poll was taken before the nationwide wiretapping scandal was revealed yesterday.  Watch these numbers slide even farther quickly.  Here's the entire poll.

Posted by Lynn Allen on May 12, 2006 at 09:13 AM in National and International Politics | Permalink


Apparently some people don't know the difference between gathering data and wiretapping.

In my case, I would rather have the government gather my data than gather my remains comrade.

As for the polls, do you think his pro-illegal stand on immigration might be hurting him? Naw, that's because you're probably pro-illegal too, and he can't do anything that you support.

Predicted here first - his numbers go up after he gives his immigration speech - watch (but don't lose heart, your fantasies may yet come true) and learn.

Posted by: DennyK | May 13, 2006 8:45:22 AM

I guess we'll just have to wait and see. But I don't think the wait will be long.

I expect that Bush's speech on Monday will be overshadowed by some new charge against a Republican; they seem to be coming every day. It might even be the day Karl Rove is indicted for obstruction of justice.

Posted by: Lynn | May 13, 2006 8:49:08 AM

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