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May 11, 2006

Amazing Dialogue Going On at DailyKos

Earlier this morning both Senators Harry Reid and John Kerry posted diaries over at DailyKos.  Then something like a dialogue ensued between readers and each Senator, more so with Reid who inserted responses quite frequently.  This more than anything I've seen in awhile made me puddle up.  This connection between the base and the electeds is what will shift the landscape in this country. 

Both have posted before.  Both have taken their lumps and come back.  We're also heard from Senators Boxer and Speaker Pelosi.  The Speaker in particular got trashed and still came back to learn more and interact more.  All of them (well maybe Boxer was already totally with us) have moved to more progressive stands as its been clearer and clearer that we are here and we have their backs. 

I would really like to see our Northwest electeds do something similar on one of our blogs.  Post and then stay around to respond to comments.  In the meantime take a look at what we have today.  Reid's postKerry's post.


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