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May 24, 2006

Darcy - Our First Local Netroots/Grassroots Candidate

Darcy Burner has just been Netroots Endorsed by a grouping of major national blogs including MyDD, DailyKos and Swing State Project. A few weeks ago these blogs asked their readers to recommend the next candidate they should endorse and support. Darcy won this round (there will be additional candidates endorsed as the year goes on).

She won because she gets what the Netroots/Grassroots is asking for in the people we send to Congress. She knows that it is her job to represent the people of Washington's 8th district rather than special interests. She has vowed to have her actions in Congress be transparent to her constituents. She promises to post a list of all meetings with lobbyists by her or any of her staff members on her blog. She is net-savvy and maintains relationships with local bloggers as well as grassroots groups. She promises to share the process of governing with us when she is elected.

According to Matt Stoller of MyDD, she also won because of us, one of the most mature local progressive blogging netroots in the country. YEAH FOR US! The local netroots has responded to her by assisting her in bringing in an unprecedented amount of money for her in the last few days of the 1st quarter, a key time to let the national Democrats know she has local support. We responded by advocating for her in this MyDD - DailyKos - Swing State Project online dialogue/primary.

This is what the rebuilding of democracy looks like in this critical time of our country's history. It is a coalition of candidates with smarts and integrity, like Darcy, and those of us who are determined to take back our country. Check out Darcy's website. Give money her her. She's on top of the Actblue netroots page.

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