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May 26, 2006

Opportunities for Taking Action

If you have a couple hours this weekend and want to do a little grassroots work while you have some fun, here are two possibilities.
Folklife Voter Registration
The League of Women Voters will be conducting Voter Registration at Folklife Friday (5/26) through Monday (5/29). There will be 2 hour shifts starting at 11:00 AM and ending at 7:00 PM. The League will be located at the West Side of the Center House at the Seattle Center. It would be great if you scheduled a shift or two in advance but we will put you to work if you drop in. This is an important election year, but GOTV work must begin with Voter Registration. Contact Jack Smith at 206-329-5514.
Initiative 937 - The Clean Energy Initiative
A separate, but also very important activity will be gathering signatures to put the League of Women Voter endorsed I-937 (Clean Energy) on the ballot. The I-937 team will be located on Mercer, but you will be able to get information at the League's Voter Registration Table. Ask for Jack.

Note: I don't know anyone who knows how to make political action work more fun than Jack. Nor is there anyone better at engaging people and making it fun for them as well. I'd like to see the campaigns figure out a way to bottle this guy.

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