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May 10, 2006

The First-Ever DailyKos Diary-Based Book

An incredible new downloadable-only book is being offered by YearlyKos as part of their fund-raising for the Las Vegas YearlyKo conference being held in June.

The book, "Kosmos: You Are Here" is astounding and a real bargain at $18.  Here's a paragraph of description by DailyKos diarist, AndyT, who sheparded the editing of this book through its all-volunteer production.   

Ever stood under a starlit sky and felt an overwhelming feeling of awe and wonder as you gazed up at the heavens? Hiked atop a windy mountain and felt the bones of the Earth under your feet and gotten a sudden sense of your place in the grand scheme of things? What about curled up with a book that gives you a taste of the infinite?

There is more about the book, including a few of the many gorgeous drawings, on the diary.

I read this book a couple times, as part of the volunteer editing corps.  I was stunned with how good this book is from so many different angles. 

It is a gorgeous story of our past history as creatures on this planet and brings us humans into that story as a part, not the peak, as we so often get.  It is also clearly a refutation of creationism and "intelligent design".  In fact you cannot read the book without coming away with a strong grounding in the many ways that all creationist theories are just bunk. 

But mostly it is awe inspiring.  The miracle of the evolution of our planet and the creatures on our planet is ever so much more astounding than anything so flat and devoid of life as creationism.   

Take a look.

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