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June 08, 2006

Big Estate Tax Repeal Vote Today

Senator Cantwell is one of the two key Democratic votes in play, according to Josh Marshall over at Talking Points Memo.  "Cantwell in particular is probably the one your calls can help pull back from the dark side."

MoveOn.org has more details.

This morning the Senate is going to vote on a key step on the way to repealing the Estate Tax and it could all come down to Senator Cantwell. Cutting the Estate Tax will cost the federal government up to one TRILLION dollars in the coming decade, meaning a few thousand wealthy Americans will be a trillion dollars richer and the federal government will be a trillion dollars poorer.

Former Exxon CEO Lee Raymond (who just got a $400 million dollar retirement package) will save $164 million. President Bush will personally save up to $6 million. Vice President Cheney will save up to $60.7 million.

Republicans are just one vote away and Senator Cantwell is the critical vote. Can you call Senator Cantwell right now and tell her that this is not the time to cut the Estate Tax?

Senator Maria Cantwell
DC Office Phone: 202-224-3441

Here are some facts about the Estate Tax:

    * Currently, only 2 percent of the wealthiest families in America pay an Estate Tax 4
    * Contrary to Republican rhetoric, the vast majority of family farms and businesses are not subject to the Estate Tax and repealing it may actually increase taxes on most family farms and businesses. The New York Times has reported that the American Farm Bureau could not cite a single case of a family farm lost due to the estate tax.5.
    * Repealing the Estate Tax could cost us over $1 trillion in the first 10 years.6.
    * Repealing the Estate Tax will severely hurt charities and non-profits 7.

This tax cut will not include a sugar-coated $200 check for middle class families. This time Republicans want to end the most progressive tax in the country, on the books for 90 years, and funnel billions of dollars into the pockets of the wealthiest 2% in the country.

Will you call Senator Cantwell today?

I just called and could only leave a message.  It's important to do.  Mention you're a constituent (and supporter if true).  That helps too.

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