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June 06, 2006

Darcy Hits TIME Magazine

Great article in TIME Magazine on Rahm Emanuel which features our Darcy top of the article and highlights her smarts and fearlessness:

Darcy Burner knew that prospective Democratic candidates sometimes left in tears after meeting Representative Rahm Emanuel of Chicago, who heads the party's efforts to recapture the House and was the one-man screening committee for recruits. Burner, an alumna of Harvard and Microsoft, didn't cry. But she found the wiry former Clinton Administration official as ruthless as any corporate chieftain she had known, as he went down a checklist of questions, including one at the top he had written to himself: Is she worth the investment of my time and the committee's money?

"Apparently, it didn't occur to him that I could read upside down," Burner recalls. Or maybe he didn't care. Either way, at the end of all his queries about polls and consultants and budgets, she asked him, "How are we doing on No. 1?"

"The jury is still out," Emanuel said with studied bluntness.

Burner, who wanted to run in a district that stretches from wealthy Seattle suburbs to farmland at the base of Mount Rainier, passed muster. Now the two are bonded on a historic adventure--the Democrats' increasingly promising quest to evict Republicans from the leadership suites they have occupied for the past dozen years. "This Microsoft mom is going to be part of us taking back the Congress," Emanuel said hoarsely at a rally in a Mercer Island, Wash., community center last week.

Emanuel does have that reputation for eyes-on-the-prize, non-emotional focus. But he is also good in front of an audience and a regular guy when you go to shake his hand.

I'm betting that he sees that same combination in Darcy and that's one of the reasons he is now working so hard to get her elected. She has star power in front of an audience and a lovely presence right there with you when you are one-on-one. However, anyone who works around Darcy knows how disciplined she is. You don't go from coming from a working class family to a scholarship at Harvard without it. You know make it to the top echelons of business without it. You don't work the phones six hours a day asking for money without it. You don't knock out three more seasoned Democratic challengers without it.

Graciously, I might add to the last one. Randy Gordon, who ran an exploratory campaign for the same seat last year, was at the Darcy and Rahm event on Mercer Island, along with his then campaign manager, Jeannie LeGault, and they were both pleased to be on the Darcy bandwagon.

Hat tip to Howie and Goldy

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