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June 29, 2006

Dean Brings in New Blood for 50-State Strategy

An email from Howard Dean and the DNC this morning details the results of a massive two-week fundraising drive, designed to pull new people into supporting the incredibly important 50-state strategy.  Dean reports that the DNC raised $500,000 from 11,000 people, 67% of whom donated for the first time.  That is huge.  It is putting people back into the political process. 

It is also making a big difference in the red and swing states especially.  Our friends in Idaho report an upsurge in on-the-ground activity that makes the possibility of winning Democratic seats (well one anyway - ID-01 where Larry Grant is running against one of the biggest nut jobs in the country, Bill Sali) thinkable.  Reports from other states that have not seen Democratic Party activity in decades abound. 

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