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June 09, 2006

Early observations from YearlyKos

It's fascinating who you'll run into unexpectedly in a group of a thousand or so progressive bloggers and blogophiles.  I'm not talking about the other Seattle-area Kossacks who I didn't know were coming, like el ganador or Robespierrette.  Nor about bodies and faces that I could finally connect with their dKos usernames, such as, oh, just to name a few, Hunter, em dash, teacherken, or skippy the bush kangaroo (y!hctp blogtopia).  And I'm not even talking about the celebrities -- at last night's "Mojo Mixer", I went through the appetizer line just behind Wes Clark, and Joe Wilson sat at the table next to mine.

No, I'm talking about looking up and seeing one of my former professional colleagues, a physician from Wisconsin.  By the way, he was wearing a "Russ 2008" button.  I'm talking about a guy coming up to tell me how much he's looking forward to coming to Seattle at the end of the month for this year's SABR convention (he's a SABR member and recognized my name from that side of my life).  Two unexpected and out-of-context interactions, two "I didn't know you were part of this" moments. And that's after just one evening of YearlyKos.

Two words come to mind when I think about what we've seen thus far at YearlyKos.  One of them is energy -- not only the boundless supply of it emitting constantly from Markos, but permeating nearly everyone I saw.  They're all rarin' to go, to get out there on the streets or in the organizing meetings, to wrench our country back on track.  The second descriptor I'll mention is absorption.  By that, I don't mean merely their deep concentration on the task at hand.  I'm also referring to the evident capacity and immense willingness of the YearlyKos participants to soak up information and advice from anyone and everyone they meet.  We're all sponges, it seems, eager to soak in every morsel of expertise and experience we find in our midst.  This is going to be an exciting time!

Last note -- as I prepare to upload this post, I'm listening to Wesley Clark discussing the interface among science, business, and education.  Now he's introducing Chris Mooney, author of The Republican War on Science.  Great stuff!

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