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June 28, 2006

End of Quarter Push

We helped Darcy counter the impact of Bush's visit two weeks ago. Now it's the end of the quarter and time for another push for dollars for this important national/regional/local campaign. Chris Bowers over at MyDD says,

These are the final days where fundraising totals matter to the overall narrative. The Q2 fundraising deadline ends at midnight on Friday. That is only 75 hours away. The next quarter will end on September 30th, and the reports on that quarter won't be out until mid-October. Buy then, all targeting and media attention will already be in place. That makes this the final deadline where totals will signal to the media and to the political establishment that a candidate is for real. To make that national difference, you need to donate now.

He lists the 10 candidates from around the country that have been selected as "Netroots Endorsed" by the major national blogs. This includes Darcy. Here's what he says about this race:

Darcy Burner, whose campaign has been propelled nearly into top tier status almost entirely by the amazing netroots scene in the Northwest. Facing a Republican freshmen in a district that is trending blue, we can't win a real majority in Congress unless our movement candidate in the northwest can bring this one home.

So, let's keep up our support for Darcy. Contribute here.

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