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June 13, 2006

Like Bush, Reichert Governs Purely as a Republican

It is apt that President Bush is coming to Medina to raise money for Dave Reichert and nothing else.  Everything President Bush does is aimed at preserving Republican power in Washington.  He governs as President of the decreasing number of Republicans in this country, not as President of these United States of America.

Joel Connelly had an interesting column in the PI a few days ago.  He reminded us that when Presidents traveled in the past, they actually addressed real issues and listened to voters who had various viewpoints.  Not Bush.  He may try to fit one photo op in to help pay for the trip but that will be it.  None of the possibilities that Connelly lists, like discussing jobs going to Asia or the lagging nuclear clean-up at Hanford or alternate energy sources, would interest a President of Bush’s limited appreciation of actual governing. 

In the same way, Reichert serves as Representative for the conservative Republicans in the 8th district as well as the rest of the country, rather than as Representative of the majority of citizens who actually live in that district.  The 8th Congressional District which stretches from Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond and Mercer Island to the rural areas of North Bend and Enumclaw, is a largely moderate district that is trending Democratic.  The district voted for John Kerry and Patty Murray last fall. 

Reichert, however, has voted with President Bush and Tom DeLay and the rest of the Republican leadership on key issues almost 90% of the time in this session, no matter what his constituents wanted.  Reichert voted against stem cell research, for limiting a woman’s access to birth control, for the privatization of social security, for cutting billions from the Medicare and Medicaid budget and for an energy bill that gave huge taxpayer subsidies to big oil companies. 

The Bush Administration is desperate to preserve their power.  Enough so that the Republican strategists have sent Bush on this lightning fast trip to try to save Reichert’s seat.   When Darcy Burner talks about how important it is to take this seat for the Democrats, she often says, this seat is 1/15 of what it will take to make the House Democratic this next session. 

Well, this is our 1/15th to fight for.  This is the job that we in this area must take on to get our country back.  We can’t begin to offset the money that Bush’s trip to Medina will bring to Reichert’s campaign from a few wealthy people who will benefit tremendously if Congress remains in the hands of the Republicans for two more years.  But we can do something better.  We can give our tens and twenties and fifties and show Darcy and the country that thousands of us believe that Reichert must go and with him the chances for continued Republican control of Congress.  Give now to send a signal to the Republicans.  Or here.

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