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June 27, 2006

Listen to the Governor On-Line

The Governor's office has made podcasts of some of her Q&A sessions with the media available on-line.  So far there are two on long term health care, one on government priorities and the Town Hall meetings being planned around the state and one on the new little puppy the Gregoires recently acquired. 

Posted by Lynn Allen on June 27, 2006 at 01:04 PM in Media | Permalink



This may seem like splitting hairs to some folks, but I'm only doing it to make a point. What has been added to the web by the Governor's office are online audio files. They aren't podcasts because there's no RSS feed and no way for me to subscribe to them. The difference is important to those of us who have been working on Democrats at every level to take advantage of the way that podcasting and other new technolgies will allow them to share their message. I'll be the first to welcome the Governor's office to 1998, though.

Posted by: Laura | Jun 27, 2006 1:46:03 PM


Thanks for the clarification. I totally understand about the need to bring Democrats into the modern age. The recent election in CA-50 where Francine Busby lost is one that we now see was likely lost because of a lack of effective Democratic infrastructure.

Perhaps we can nudge the Governor's office to upgrade to another level.

Posted by: Lynn | Jun 28, 2006 7:20:01 AM

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