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June 29, 2006

Maria Stands With Us

On net neutrality, Maria stands with us; McGavick stands with his buddy, telco-loving Ted Stevens of Alaska.

There has been a stalemate this week on net neutrality in the Senate.  Yesterday, the excellent Snowe-Dorgan net neutrality amendment failed to make it out of the Senate Commerce Committee to the floor for a vote.  The committee voted 11-11 with all 10 Democrats, including Maria, and Maine Republican Olympia Snowe (my one and only favorite Republican) voting for it.   

However, the bill they were trying to amend, a Ted Stevens-sponsored overhaul of the federal telecommunications legislation that might as well have been written by the telecommunications industry, is also stalled.  This bill, which could easily be called the non-net neutrality bill, does not have the 60 votes needed to prevent a filibuster.  Yeah!

Josh Feit at the Stranger got both Cantwell and McGavick to go on the record on net neutrality, although he had to ask McGavick’s staff for clarification since their initial response was incomprehensible.   Here’s what he got from McGavick:

I called back and said, that sounds like a ‘No,’ but I’m not sure. Soooo, 1 more time: “Yes or No on the amendment? If you were on the Committee—like Cantwell is—how would you vote?” Here’s what I got back:

As he said, Mike remains very open to new ideas as we move though the legislative process, supports continued innovation, consumer choice, equal access to the internet and investment in infrastructure. However, he does not feel that the Snowe-Dorgan language as currently drafted offers the correct balance on all of these issues, and accordingly would not support it at this time.

That was difficult.

Maria's comments on supporting net neutrality and more, after the fold.

Here’s what Cantwell said:

Look, its about the future of the Internet. The telecom companies have no business stifling innovations and serving as gatekeepers, getting between consumers and the content they want -just because they are used to wielding monopoly power. That’s why I have cosponsored strong net neutrality legislation [Snowe/Dorgan]-to make sure we maintain the open architecture of the Internet that will promote innovation and freedom of expression of the net.

A Democratic Party Press Release reminds us that our Washington-based technology companies are strongly in favor of net neutrality (as is all the netroots):

In addition to numerous consumer advocacy groups, two of Puget Sound's Fortune 500 companies – Amazon and Microsoft – have both been vocal advocates of net neutrality as a key legislative priority, arguing the legislation is critical to continued innovation and regional job growth.

I did some research a while back on the porky Alaska delegation, at the time of McGavick’s entrance into the Senate race, highlighting the out-of-control binging of McGavick's friends in the all-Republican Alaska delegation.  McGavick is a big fan of Stevens’ and Stevens has returned the favor by sponsored at least one huge fundraiser for McGavick in Alaska.  The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee has additional details which make clear that a vote for McGavick is a vote for continued corruption in Washington D.C.

Stand with Maria.  She stands with us.  We need those Democratic votes in the Senate.  Maria is also asking us to sign a net neutrality petition so that the folks in the other Washington can see how many of us care about net neutrality.  It's here.

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