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June 24, 2006

New Publication: The Democratic Strategist

Big-picture thinkers may want to check out the premiere issue of The Democratic Strategist, a new publication on, umm... Democratic strategery, co-edited by Ruy Teiexeira, William Gallston and Stan Greenberg. 

Their fine print says:

The Democratic Strategist will be clearly focused on developing political strategies for promoting Democratic candidates and issues. It will be proudly and avowedly partisan, aimed at achieving an enduring Democratic majority.

The Democratic Strategist will be firmly and insistently based on facts and data. It will seek strategies rooted in empirical research from the fields of public opinion research, political demography and other social sciences and will avoid empty rhetoric and abstract theorizing.

The Democratic Strategist will be emphatically open to all sectors and currents of opinion within the Democratic Party. It will actively seek to be a meeting ground for both centrists and populists, readers of The Nation and The New Republic, professional political consultants, grassroots activists and every significant candidate and perspective within the Democratic Party. The Democratic Strategist will strongly encourage discussion and dialog and will not limit itself to any specific current of thought or point of view within the Democratic community.

Their first top-of-the fold article is by none other than uber-blogger (and consultant) Jerome Armstrong, who argues in favor of... (drumroll please), a "mapchanger" strategy that contests every race in every district, rather than a consultant-dominated fight over "battleground races."  Armstrong gets in a few slightly hypocritical but nonetheless on-target digs at Beltway-bound media and polling consultants.

Good stuff.

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