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June 08, 2006

Reports from YearlyKos

I'm already in Las Vegas for the big YearlyKos convention that begins today.   My seat partner out of Oakland introduced himself when he saw what I was reading (a grant letter from a progressive organization) and it turns out he is a web consultant and works for Wesley Clark and Barbara Boxer, both of whom will be attending.  So we got started with the political talk early.

It's pretty amazing to have bloggers being courted by politicians as we will be this week.  Mostly they'll be courting the big, national bloggers like Markos and Jane and Reddhedd and Chris Bowers and Matt Stoller.  But some of the national politicos understand the value of reaching out to the regional bloggers as well.  Mark Warner, former governor of Virginia and possible candidate for President in 2008, is hosting a giant party Friday evening for any registered convention goer who wants to attend.

I will be posting only occasionally the next few days.  I'm doing some facilitating of the smaller sessions and am likely to be taking advantage of all the mixing and networking opportunities as well as the incredible sessions.  The schedule for the convention is awesome. 

However, Andrew over at the NPI Blog is planning on live-blogging what he sees.  Switzerblog at Washblog is likely to chime in occasionally and hopefully Neal will provide his perspective at Evergreeen Politics along with me.  You can also catch the big sessions on C-Span.  And we hear that the local papers are sending reporters to cover both the event and the local blogging aspect so you may be hearing more about all this than you can imagine. 

My sister, who is flying in from Portland today, and I are staying with dear old friends which provides a grounding to the great goings-on of the next few days.  We will get to come back to stay with two lovely young girls, a dog, four cats and plan on lots of good conversation here as well. 

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Wish I could be there, Lynn! I'm trying to not let my envy get the better of me. I'll definitely be trying to sneak glimpses of the live streaming, wherever I may find it. Have fun!!! Tell Jane and Christy "hi" for me.

Posted by: mickey | Jun 8, 2006 11:34:46 AM

Hey, Lynn, I'm on my way to Vegas even as we speak. I'm at SkyHarbor in Phoenix, which has free public WiFi *and* a goodly number of easily-accessible electrical outlets. Why, things are so good here that I was able to complete and post an entry on my own blog! (http://peacetreefarm.org/index.php/weblog/what_happens_in_vegas/)

Posted by: Neal Traven | Jun 8, 2006 12:32:39 PM

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