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June 29, 2006

The War Tapes - Coming Soon

Here's the trailer for a new movie due out in July/August. Zack Bazzi was a National Guardsman in Iraq. Along with two buddies, he filmed the year he spent there and it has now been made into a full lenght feature. Zack was at YearlyKos. I missed the screening but my sister saw it and says that the movie was wonderful, as is Zack.

Beware. This is a tear-jerker. Just watching the trailer, I bawled. As much as I've been against the war since it was first a twinkle in Dick Cheney's eye and force myself to watch footage on the news, I was not prepared for my reactions just to the trailer. It's one thing to recognize the damage we are doing there - to the Iraqis, to our own soldiers and to our future foreign policy. It's another to watch what it is like for those people who have to take part in it.

And don't bother checking to see when it will be in Seattle. They don't have those dates up but I'm guessing August. July looks pretty filled up.

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