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June 18, 2006

Why Netroots Contributions are So Important

With the Burner/Reichert race, we are in the midst of a contest between the local netroots/grassroots communities and the national Republican leadership that is absolutely critical to the future of this country.

Goldy talks about this on his post at Huffington Post yesterday.  He says that this fundraiser that Bush did for Dave Reichert’s campaign on Friday “will mark the first time uber-advisor Karl Rove trains the full force of presidential firepower against a "Netroots Endorsed" challenger.”  Goldy goes on to tell us that Rove understands the importance of the race in iconic as well as real terms.  It’s a good read.

Here’s My Take on Why This Race is So Important

Darcy is the first national “Netroots Endorsed” candidate (a somewhat formal process initiated by the national bloggers at DailyKos, MyDD and the Swing State Project) who attained that status as a result of first being a locally endorsed netroots candidate.  Indeed, when they announced that she had won that early round of endorsement, they each said in their own way, “She has the support of one of the most robust local blogging groups in the country”.  That’s us – readers as well as writers – on our blogs.

Any regular reader of this or other Washington progressive political sites knows we have all been pushing Darcy consistently since January.  That’s when we got our first really good look at her at our regional Blogger’s Convention, where she took the time to come talk with us for an hour and a half.  Since then, she has attended a couple of our Seattle Drinking Liberally events to talk with us.  We have been massively impressed with Darcy, her background, her integrity, and her ability to both speak to a crowd and to communicate one-on-one.   We are also aware that this is the race that we can influence; this is the place that we the people can help tip the balance back toward a Democratic House and sanity in our government. 

So, on behalf of all of us, I apologize if you readers are getting tired of hearing about Darcy.  However, it won’t stop.  This is too important.  Our job is to get you to support Darcy by volunteering on her campaign and giving her money (until it hurts, Jim McDermott reminds us) so that she can blast that silly Reichert out of his seat.  And we will add Peter Goldmark and Richard Wright to the mix as well.

The Way to Beat the Republicans

Karl Rove, national political strategist for the Republicans, knows what happens in every county in this country.  He plays at the local level, working through the state Republicans in every state.   As long as the Blogosphere, as we on the progressive/liberal/left are called, is a force only at the national level, we are not a sufficient challenge to Rove and his political manipulations. 

But once we take on the Republicans and wed the local netroots to the local grassroots progressive organizations, which we are starting to do from both sides, watch out.  We will be unbeatable and we will take back and rebuild our democracy. 

There’s Another Reason to Provide Darcy with Strong Local Netroots Support 

In addition to taking on the Republicans, the netroots also take on the tired old Democrats on the national and local levels because we need a robust Party that is not too tied to old ideas, old strategies and tactics and to the corporations. (I know some of you question whether we are too close to the state Democrats and too willing to support candidates like Cantwell who differ with us on support for the war but that’s another discussion.) 

The more Darcy is supported by small donors and has an army of volunteers to help her communicate her message to the voters, the more free she is of the national Democratic apparatus.  She can take money from the DCCC but not be overly dependent on them.  She can take money from John Kerry and Emily’s List and still be fully her own person and run her own campaign.

I had a brief conversation with Zach Silk, Darcy’s campaign manager, yesterday and he reported that Darcy’s campaign is the buzz of the Democratic Party.  She was at a San Francisco fund-raiser with John Kerry at Nancy Pelosi’s house raising some big-donor, out-of-state money (a drop in the bucket compared to what Reichert raises from out of state) and they were all asking her how she is getting so much local buzz and support.  They want to replicate what Darcy, with our help, has done around the country.

What we are doing with Darcy’s campaign is big.  Let’s keep doing it.      

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Fantastic post Lynn. We cannot be apologetic about writing about this race. Voting is about participating in the political process and making your voice heard, but we can only directly affect those things we have a vote on. As a constituent of the 8th that has never put forth a good candidate in the past, Darcy Burner's campaign is a great thing, and we need to ensure it receives the attention it merits.

Posted by: Daniel K | Jun 18, 2006 9:53:36 PM

The fact this race is even competitive at all shows just how far things have come, and how changing from a loser party to a winner party takes time.

The fact that Darcy is so competitive with a guy like Reichert in a place like the 8th is great. But we can't keep having these "kept them to within 2 points of victory" like with Busby and Hacket (nice folks ,good effort, running in districts that were so lopsided Republican, it was hard to win).

Here it's close but we have a chance to WIN THE RACE. Let's not get all in lather about how tired we are of hearing about it - let's DO IT and then when Burner gets elected to Congress we can take a rest.

Posted by: Greg Dewar | Jun 19, 2006 2:12:41 PM

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