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June 10, 2006

YearlyKos - Briefest of Updates

There has been so much that's been good these last two days.  This has felt like a transformational event in the political world - and that has been reinforced by the stream of politicians coming by to tell us so and to ask for our help - the help of all of us who read and write and talk and organize and make things happen in the netroots and the grassroots.  Just today I heard that from Howard Dean, Ralph Neas (People for the American Way), Mark Warner, Michael Shiavo, and Harry Reid. 

It's clear that people are getting who we are and what we represent and they know that, as Harry Reid put it tonight, we are the new player on the field, the one the opposition was not thinking about when they tried their most recent tired old tricks.  And, working with the other players on our side, we will make this work. 


Yesterday was more us talking amongst ourselves and hearing from fellow bloggers - the amazing gang at Firedoglake who have been focused like lasers on the CIA Leak Story, the front-pagers at DailyKos talking about what come next at that pivotal site and about how we are all weaving together the people powered politics that will take back this country. 

At the moment my brain cells are nearly gone from the intensity of these last couple days and I can't even remember what else I did or whom I talked with or listened to.  But I did take notes and will be writing up much of what I heard over the next week or so. 

It's been inspiring.  More later. 

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