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June 11, 2006

YearlyKos ... it's a wrap

Just posting a few brief thoughts, posted via free airport WiFi while waiting to board my plane at McCarran:

  • For me, the best evidence that Kos and left-blogging have turned a corner in the political consciousness is that Harry Reid really, really loves us.  I mean, here's a strait-laced Mormon grandfather, a moderately conservative Democrat ... and he's imploring us to get out there and write our little hearts out.
  • Of course, he's also imploring us to work our little asses off in our non-virtual communities, to advance the dialogue person-to-person.
  • At this morning's brunch, someone mentioned Lech Walesa's response when asked how the Solidarity movement gained traction -- talk loudly at the bus stop.  You don't have to start haranguing the people around you ... just begin by having a loud conversation with your friends, and maybe someone nearby will chime in.
  • During the wrapup "open thread" session at brunch, our own dKos front-pager mcjoan extolled the already-established SeattleKos group as a model of how face-to-face contact strengthens and enhances what we do as bloggers and activists.  I added some supporting comments as well, extending it to our highly popular DrinkingLiberally groups.
  • Many people drooled over the Washington Kossack tee-shirts that Switzerblog created.  In fact, after seeing the tagline (Switzer's an idiot), Markos wants one for himself.
  • After I mentioned that I use the nom de blog N in Seattle on dKos and elsewhere, Markos remarked a couple of times that nom de blog (a takeoff, of course, on nom de plume, translated as "pen name") was a term he really liked.  I can't believe he hasn't heard the phrase before, but it seems not.

I plan to post more on the YearlyKos experience, both here and elsewhere, but have to wrap up before boarding my plane. 

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It seems that Harry Reid and other politicians are figuring out that it is far better to be on the good side of bloggers. You can raise more money that way and be portrayed in a very positive light.

Posted by: PoliticalCritic | Jun 11, 2006 6:39:22 PM

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