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July 17, 2006

43rd LD Candidate Forum Tomorrow

One of our most interesting statewide races this year will be in the Democratic primary in the 43rd LD.  There are six Democrats campaigning to replace Ed Murray who is running unopposed for the State Senate.  In the 43rd, winning the Democratic primary is essentially winning the race.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, the six candidates will be talking at a forum at TownHall that is open to all.  Well worth the time.  6:00 for the meet and greet.  7:30 for the forum.

N in Seattle has a post over at Peace Tree Farm explaining the race, the district and a bit about the candidates.

Let me pause for a moment here to state that in the 43rd, winning the Democratic nomination is tantamount to being elected to office.  This is the most Democratic Legislative District in Washington—Kerry beat Dubya 85% to 13% in 2004, and in that year Murray received 87% of the vote while fellow Representative Frank Chopp (the Speaker of the House) took 85%.

With Murray leaving his seat, six Democrats—all strong progressives, all with solid credentials and good-to-excellent experience, all worthy people—have filed for the position.  The primary election will take place on September 19, and whichever one of them wins a plurality of the votes in the primary (even if it’s just 20% of the total) will be the Democratic nominee.  And, to reiterate, the Democratic nominee will be elected to office in November, and, once elected, will in all likelihood retain the seat for as long as he or she wants it.

Here’s the roster of candidates for House Position #1 (listed in alphabetical order by first name)

* Bill Sherman (www.billsherman.org/), deputy prosecutor for King County and Clinton-era Interior Department official

* Dick Kelley (kelleyin2006.org/), political scientist, former DHHS Regional Administrator, Seattle deputy mayor, and policy analyst for the House Democratic caucus

* Jamie Pedersen (www.peopleforpedersen.org/), attorney at Preston Gates & Ellis

* Jim Street (www.jimstreet.org/), director of Reinvesting in Youth, former King County judge and City Councilmember

* Lynne Dodson (lynnetowin.org/), community college professor, president of AFT Local 1789, former chair of Washington State Jobs with Justice

* Stephanie Pure (www.peopleforpure.com/), legislative aide to Seattle City Councilmember Peter Steinbrueck

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