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July 03, 2006

As Compared to this Guy

Dave Reichert Receives a "F" for Consistently Voting against Middle Class.  That's the headline that CoolAqua gives us as he reports on the grade that the Drum Major Institute, an organization that tracks the impact of legislation on the middle class, gives Dave Reichert for consistently voting against the middle class.  Here's what CoolAqua says:

Unsure about what "voting against the middle class" is?  Here's an example that you may find close to home.  Take a look at the back of your next credit card statement.  Notice the clause that allows your interest rate to be raised to around 30% if you pay late.  Note that there's no follow on sentence that outlines conditions wherein your interest rate will be lowered back down.  This is legalized loan sharking, a GOP payback to the credit card industry for helping keep them in power.    And who voted to pass this new legalized Loan Sharking?  That would be Dave Reichert.  So  if you paid your credit card bill late, and are now being charged an exorbitant interest rate as a result, just remember it as "Dave Reichert's Credit Card Tax".

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