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July 17, 2006

Darcy Gets Iraq Right

Our own McJoan over at DailyKos discusses Darcy Burner's position on Iraq today.  She begins by quoting Thomas Mann of the Brookings Institute discussing the increasing odds of a Democratic wave this year in Congress at the WAPO.   Mann lists four things that the Democrats need to do to take advantage of the possibility.  The last is to counter the Republicans attempts to link the war in Iraq to the fight against terrorism.  Fair point.

McJoan quotes Mann:

Will it work? No one doubts the Republicans' resourcefulness and discipline in castigating the "cut-and-run" Democrats while beginning to withdraw some U.S. forces before November. Less certain are the Democrats' skill in framing the election as a referendum on the Bush administration and Republican Congress.

McJoan says that Darcy Burner is one Democrat who knows how to articulate this key point. 

If this election is about Bush and the Rubber Stamp Republican Congress, Democrats win. There's one Democratic challenger who I think really gets this: Darcy Burner, one of our netroots candidates running in WA-08. She recently appeared on a local NPR station's current affairs program. She was extremely intelligent and well-spoken on a variety of issues, but articulated particularly well the Republican problem with Iraq.  She quotes Darcy from the KUOW interview of a week and a half ago when she replaced Reichert. 

We clearly need a Congress that is going to demand a plan for finishing the job and bringing our troops home safely. . . .  And at the moment, to be blunt, it looks like the choice is between a Republican policy of indefinite occupation and the demand for a plan to get out, which is what the Democrats would give you. . . . I think the military is much more likely to be able to write a successful plan for disengaging militarily from Iraq than the politicians are. The problem we have right now isn't that the military has in any way failed in their mission. . . . The problem is that we've got politicians in Washington, D.C. interfering with their ability to finish this. . . . At this point they're sitting over there getting shot at because the Republicans in Washington, D.C. can't figure out what their plan is to finish the job and bring them home. That's got to stop. . . . The Republicans have no plan. Their plan right now is indefinite occupation.

Burner comes from a military family. Her father was career Air Force, and one of her brothers serves in the Army's 101st Airborne and has served one tour of duty in Iraq, so she can speak to these issues with a degree of authority. What she does most effectively, in my mind, is to take the focus off of the idea that the Democrats have to come up with some sort of plan for Iraq, and to put the onus back onto the administration and the Republican Congress.

Darcy Burner is following Mann's prescription. She's making this election a referendum on Bush and the Rubber Stamp Republicans.

We need Darcy in Congress.  Let's do what we can to get her there.

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