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July 26, 2006

Idaho GOP Candidate in Trouble?

Our neighbors in Idaho just might have a competitive House race on their hands.  According to Jonathan Singer at MyDD, the Republicans are worried about losing ID-01, the open seat being contested by Republican Bill Sali and Democrat Larry Grant.  Apparently the House Republicans have a new fundraising program called "Retain Our Majority Program" designed to protect their most endangered seats, one of which is this seat in Idaho. 

This is a perfect example of the value of running good candidates, and Grant is a great Democratic candidate, everywhere.  Grant's first piece of luck was the Republican candidate who came out of the Republican primary in May.  Bill Sali is one of the true right-wing nut-cases (think Helen Chenoweth) that Idaho throws up now and again. He got only 26% of the Republican vote but that was enough to go on to the general.  Sali is so bad that many Republicans in Idaho are likely to either vote for Grant or pass o voting altogether.  One of his key issues is pushing a ficticious link between having an abortion and contracting breast cancer.

The second piece of luck is running in a year when Howard Dean is Chair of the DNC.  Dean put new, additional staff into Idaho quite early in his strategy, tripling the staff there early on.   Grant also knew to hire Julie to help with Internet communications. 

Just the other day, Julie sent along an article from the subscription-only "Roll Call" entitled "Rocky Mountain Highs: Mountain West Democrats Love Dean's Cash Infusion".  Here's a couple paragraphs from the article:

Money from the DNC "has made a world of difference," said former Rep. Richard Stallings, now the state Democratic Party chairman in Idaho. "It has essentially tripled my staff, from two to six. For years, we were unable to respond to every stupid thing the other side said about us. Now, I've got a full-time press person, a very good former reporter, plus two community organizers, one for the north and one for the south, and a fundraiser. It couldn't have come at a more opportune time."

"In some cases", said Corey Taule of the Idaho Falls Post-Register, "local Democratic Web sites are now much better than those of their GOP counterparts".

"The Dean money has inspired people to work harder, because they know the party has the assets to back us up," added John McGimpsey, who's running for the Legislature from an Idaho Falls-area district. "Having two field coordinators is incredibly helpful in getting candidates information and teaching us how to use the databases and the other

Looking exciting. 

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Thanks much for the mention, Lynn. Half the battle in this race is getting on the national radar. Both The Hill and the DCCC's Stakeholder blog have mentions of our race today, and that's bound to help.



And thanks for the shout-out to Gov. Dean. The false argument between the DCCC's battleground strategy and the DNC's 50-state strategy is getting more frayed every day. If the GOP believes the ID-01 is in play, the DCCC is going to believe it, too.

For those in Washington and beyond who have ties to Idaho, please know that we need your support. If you've given to your local candidates and have some more to spare, please consider a contribution to Larry's campaign. Send Money Home to help Larry Grant defeat a truly terrible Republican extremist and secure a Democratic majority in the House this year. Muchas gracias and keep up the good work, Lynn!!


Posted by: Julie in Boise | Jul 26, 2006 9:27:36 AM

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