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July 26, 2006

Justice for Washington Riders Rally in Olympia

Good ideas for better laws come out of citizen activists all over the issue spectrum.  It's amazing what happens when normal folks begin to think that they can influence laws and begin to trust that the legislators might listen to them.  Jimmy McCabe has a well-written article at McCranium discussing the needs of motorcylists and a rally and ride that state motorcyclists will be holding in August to promote awareness of the issues.  He says:

As gas prices continue to soar, we will all see more and more motorcycles on the road.  I have never been a big fan of legislating our way out of public safety problems.  But in this case I think Washington State could take some proactive steps.  First, lets get the cell phones off the road.  In my daily observations, they don’t belong there.  Second, increase driver training to include more information on motorcycle awareness and include a safety module in the road test.  Lastly, like the anti-profiling legislation, the legislature direct law enforcement to actively pursue investigations of wrong doing by motorists who injure or kill motorcyclists without bias.

Let’s face it.  Accidents are going to happen.  But Washington State is not doing enough and right now, we have the best group of legislators to get something done.

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