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July 10, 2006

More on Wilson's Decision

Chad Lupkes shares his insider view of Mark's decision over at a wonderful post at Washblog .  He talks about the personal and the big picture aspect of the decision and it's good.  Here's the core of it:

Here, in very blunt terms, is why Mark Wilson dropped out of the primary race.  He was losing.  He never wanted to be a "protest vote".  He never wanted to be the "perpetual candidate".  He wanted to put the progressive message that he had learned from running for office and listening to us over the last 6 years to bear, and those of us who have actually listened to his message know that he learned a lot, and he knows our values.  He is now, and always will be from this point forward, a Democrat.  Big D.  Because he shares our values, and he knows our message.

But like I have been saying for two + years, there are two things that are needed to turn values into public policy via the voting booth.  You need a message, and you need the infrastructure to get that message out.

As I said yesterday, I have great respect for Mark for what he has done, both up until now and now.  I look forward to his influence on the campaign.  It seems that he is doing what us Democrats as a whole are looking to do: get real.

David Postman has a piece up today as well, about the role that Dal Lamagna played in bringing her campaign together with Mark and with a group of folks who were frustrated with Maria's Iraq War stance.  He too will be impacting her campaign. I had heard a bit about Lamagna at YearlyKos and so was not so surprised that he would be involved in this.  He is a national progressive, regular writer at Huffington Post and founder of Progressive Government, a group that has worked to put together a "shadow cabinet" of progressives and progressive ideas.  It's a bit uneven in my book but an interesting idea. 

If Maria and her folks are serious in bringing these new folks in, this will be a truly big tent (and I think fruitful) effort this year. 

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I don't have any idea what this means or if it is based on anything real, but I was told some months ago that an "insider" at the Washington State Dems told a friend of mine that Wilson would not be running against Maria by election day.

Posted by: howieinseattle | Jul 10, 2006 6:58:28 PM

Howie - please elaborate if and when you find out more! To me, this whole things looks like Wilson allowed himself to be bought off...But then, I found it hard to take him seriously from the beginning.

Posted by: shoephone | Jul 10, 2006 7:41:31 PM

I doubt I will ever hear any more about this. It is tempting to conclude that Wilson was "bought off," but I am resisting that opinion because I really don't know Mark's motivations.

Posted by: howieinseattle | Jul 10, 2006 11:48:45 PM

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