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July 13, 2006

Neo-Nazis in our Military

With a desperate "the-ends-justify-the-means" operating policy, this administration has been allowing known skinheads and Neo-Nazis into the military in order to meet quotas.  National blog writer and local treasure, Dave Neiwert at Orcinus, has done the homework and it is chilling.  Neiwert quotes from a chilling Southern Poverty Law Center report, which the NYT picked up on as well.  Following the Oklahoma City bombings, the military had been toughening policies to keep extremists and extremist activities out of the military.  One DOD investigator, Scott Barfield, based at Fort Lewis, says that he:

has identified and submitted evidence on 320 extremists there in the past year. "Only two have been discharged," he said. Barfield and other Department of Defense investigators said they recently uncovered an online network of 57 neo-Nazis who are active duty Army and Marines personnel spread across five military installations in five states -- Fort Lewis; Fort Bragg, N.C.; Fort Hood, Texas; Fort Stewart, Ga.; and Camp Pendleton, Calif. "They're communicating with each other about weapons, about recruiting, about keeping their identities secret, about organizing within the military," Barfield said. "Several of these individuals have since been deployed to combat missions in Iraq."

Then the returning soldiers come back.  Neiwert has a photo of one of them, Shawn Stuart, speaking at the recent Nationalist Socialist Movement rally in Olympia.  "He liked to especially rant about immigration issues and talk about how when he came back to America, he found that we had let the enemy in through the back door. How we had let the Jews open it. That sort of thing."

And they recruit other folks while in the military, causing who knows how much trouble in the future.  Yet another example of doing what is expedient now with no thought of what will happen as a result of such short-sighted policies.  Dave adds some chilling analysis as well. 

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