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August 19, 2006

A Round-up of Great Posts

My fellow bloggers have been writing some wonderful pieces lately.  It's truly amazing to see the quality of what we all do and how we've challenged ourselves and each other over the last year or two in a way that has made our local blogosphere a great place to get in-depth news.  Here are a few of the pieces I've enjoyed the last few days:

Darryl put up a couple of posts earlier this week on the interview that Dave Reichert did with Steve Scher on KUOW about, among other things, Reichert's bottling up of critical Homeland Security bills in his subcommittee in the House:

The Adventures of Scher and the Sheriff, Part II: Ignorance that Might Kill
The Adventures of Scher and the Sheriff

Noemie has an amazing piece up on Florida House candidate Clint Curtis and his allegations of voter fraud in Florida in 2000:

Steve Zemke is reminding us that the BIAW is focused like a laser on the PRIMARY race for two of their hand picked judicial candidates.  They are contributing over 70% of the money for these races and paying little or no attention to the rules regarding contribution limits.  This is very important information.

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