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August 24, 2006

Ask Murray and Cantwell to Boot Lieberman

Natasha must be back from Costa Rica.  She's kicking butt.  Let's help her.  Here's what she says over at Pacific Views:

Joe Lieberman is now campaigning with Republicans. He's using a Republican pollster.

If you're here in Washington, please call Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell and ask them to petition Minority Leader Harry Reid to strip Lieberman of his committee assignments and caucus privileges. If you're in another state, find your Senators here.

Some may express the worry that this will cause Holy Joe to bolt the party. Umm.

Murray in D.C. - (202) 224-2621

Cantwell in D.C. - (202) 224-3441
Cantwell's toll-free in-state number - (888) 648-7328

Come to think of it, look up your House representative, too. Lieberman's campaigning with Republican House candidates and actively threatening the ability of Democrats to regain control of the House.

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