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August 25, 2006

Burner within Striking Distance of Reichert

Given that Darcy has little name recognition yet with her constituents, she's got some pretty good poll numbers going.  Although she'd done a phenomenal job of reaching the base over this last half year, Darcy is only now going to the voters of the 8th district.  She's put up one TV ad a few weeks ago and has done one mailing.  When I went doorbelling for Darcy 4 weeks ago, no one knew who she was.  (I am going again this weekend so should have a fresher perspective after that.)

According to a poll just released by KING-5 TV, Reichert leads Burner 54% to 41% with only 6% undecided.  There are a lot of qualifiers on the type of poll and the company doing the polling so the numbers may not be wholly accurate.   Goldy has more:

Burner supporters can also be buoyed by the crosstabs, which show only 35% support for President Bush, significantly lower than SurveyUSA’s national average. Those who approve of President Bush’s job performance choose Reichert by an overwelming 93% to 4% margin. Those who disapprove choose Burner 66% to 27%.

The task for Burner seems clear. She needs to improve her name ID while persuading voters to identify Reichert with President Bush’s failed policies. Given the time and the resources, both can be achieved, and fortunately for Burner she has plenty of both.

For this time of year, with a campaign as determined and smart as Darcy's, these are good numbers.

Posted by Lynn Allen on August 25, 2006 at 09:30 AM in Candidate Races | Permalink


Darcy needs more national exposure. I still see Reichart on the weekend Investigative Reports with Green River Killer episode played and that plays so well for the simplistic voter. If only there were a way to get several of the WA state candidates to go on together, even a King5 if you can't get to Countdown. I can't remember seeing a group of candidates for an area go on together but it might crystallize solidarity...or not.

Posted by: mainsailset | Aug 25, 2006 9:59:05 AM

Darcy Burner offers us a chance to kick-ass with the present administration; the only proviso is that all of her supporters need to get off their collective butts and start contacting friends, neighbors and relatives. In addition, there is a need to support the campaign. Spread the word by having contacts contact contacts. Darcy's campaign has done a great job in raising money and reaching out to 8th District people. Now the ball is in play and she has proven to be a very viable candidate. We can sit by and hope the campaign and the Dems can carry Darcy on to victory **or** we can recognize that by winning the House and hopefully the Senate, we can control this horrid administration for its last two years. The House of Representatives has Impeachment Power, has Subpoena Power, and is the starting venue for all Financial Bills. Are these matters that we are willing to leave in the hands of a few hard working regulars or are we prepared to proactively step forward and control our own destiny? Frankly, there is no choice. We must make Darcy's name as familiar as Baseball and Apple Pie, and win at least the 15 seats we need in November. That done and we can start kicking. When you start to feel the urge call the campaign at 425-454-0402; I'm sure they will have quality work for you.

Posted by: Jack Smith | Aug 27, 2006 2:55:24 PM

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