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August 24, 2006

Conversation on Transformational Candidates

Kid oakland put up a diary today on MyDD integrating his thoughts on the "netroots wave" and my ideas on "transformational candidates".   After giving me a shout-out for my post on transformational candidates from a couple of days ago, he builds on the idea:

What I like about transformational candidates as a term is that it interacts with another key aspect of the 2006 mid-term elections: the potential for a single netroots race to energize grassroots Democrats for an entire region and create a netroots wave. A transformational candidate does this by running a campaign that:

  # develops local netroots infrastructure
  # energizes statewide grassroots activism
  # impacts other races in the state
  # serves as a national focal point for a politics of contrast


Transformational candidates are the essential starting point for building a netroots wave.

However, just because a candidate receives national netroots attention it does not mean that their campaign will automatically pull together the other aspects needed to build a netroots wave: grassroots energy, netroots and local blog development, support for downticket races, forging a politics of contrast that wins the attention of the national press.

It takes synergy and deliberate effort to build a netroots wave. And while that synergy can't be manufactured, it also does not happen by accident. It takes coordination, focus, strategy, and planning all executed on the local level. It takes the coordinated development of a local netroots infrastructure.

At the moment, it's just he and I discussing our synergistic terms in the comments section.  Feel free to jump in.

Also, let me know if you have thoughts on legislative candidates, incumbents or challengers who fit the bill.  I want to get a better picture of who fills that role at the next level down. 

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Went over and commented at Kid Oakland's. Lord I am longwinded. I hope this discussion can be continued

Posted by: mainsailset | Aug 24, 2006 4:05:26 PM

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