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August 22, 2006

Goldmark Post Up at DailyKos

Peter Goldmark has a post up this morning at DailyKos and is occasionally responding to comments.  The paragraph in the post that stood out for me was this one:

From the first day of my campaign, I have pledged to accept no money, no gifts, no meals, no travel, nothing of value from lobbyists. I have urged my opponent to take that same pledge. So far, she has chosen not to do that.

I wrote about transformational candidates a couple days ago and said I think that both Darcy and Peter belong in that category.  One of the criteria for me is "incorruptibility" and I think this paragraph of Peter's speaks to that trait admirably. 

There are lots of calls on our money this season and we are responding well as a progressive community so it's hard to ask for more but Peter will win this race if he can get out to enough of his voters.  Here's his website.

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