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August 04, 2006

Great Message: Three Crises, One Solution

A new diarist over at Washblog, peagreen, has written on both DailyKos and Washblog about the great numbers that Goldmark got in a newly released poll.  Here's the nub of what he says:

With enough resources to communicate Goldmark's strong messages, inform voters about McMorris' voting record, and drive home the potent contrast between Goldmark's priorities and Cathy McMorris' special interest agenda, this seat is winnable.

  • In the initial ballot, incumbent McMorris receives less than a majority of the vote against Goldmark despite a vast name recognition advantage. After both candidates get their messages out, Goldmark pulls into a virtual tie with McMorris--37% for Goldmark to 39% for McMorris.
  • Bush's favorability rating is only 44% (very or somewhat favorable) versus 53% (very or somewhat unfavorable) with a plurality (42%) giving him a very unfavorable rating, making Bush a liability for McMorris in the district.
  • McMorris' own job performance rating is low. Just 44% rate McMorris' job rating as good or excellent versus 47% who say it is just fair or poor, for a net negative job performance rating (-3%).
  • McMorris has certainly not sealed the deal on her reelection, as just 38% are ready to re-elect her. The remaining 62% of the electorate would consider voting for someone else (24%), vote to replace McMorris (20%), or aren't sure (18%).

That took me to Goldmark's site which someone has been doing some nice work on. Looking good.  And to the best message on the energy situation I've heard anywhere.  Here it is:

Enlightened energy future includes renewable solutions today

Crisis One: Families face losing farms to high fuel and low crop prices.
Crisis Two: America becomes more dependent on foreign oil.
Crisis Three: Global warming threatens dramatic climate changes.

Three crises--one solution, according to Peter Goldmark.

"Biofuels represent an opportunity to turn around the economy of Eastern Washington, to move toward energy independence, and to provide a fuel that is carbon neutral," Goldmark said.

Let's see if we can help Goldmark win this seat in the 5th.  He would be a welcome addition to the  renewed Democratic team.

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