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August 25, 2006

Help Improve Seattle's Bicycle Infrastructure

If you use a bicycle in Seattle or would like to, consider completing the Seattle DOT Master Bike Plan Survey and/or participating in a public meeting to help determine what we do to improve the bicycling experience in Seattle.  SDOT has begun the creation of a "Bike Master Plan" to guide SDOT as they work to improve the somewhat fragmented bicycle network in the city.  A planning and engineering company, Toole Design, has been hired to survey Seattle's arterial streets, bike facilities, bike policies and the maintenance of all that.   As part of the development of the Master Plan, Toole Design has been meeting with the public and members of Seattle's transportation and bicycle clubs.  Cascade Bicycle Club, in particular, is working with Toole Design and the city on this project.

Taking the survey allows you to have input into this process.  You can provide information on streets, bicycle paths and signs that works and those that don't.  There is also a Bicycle Master Plan Public Meeting this coming Tuesday, Aug. 29th, 6:30 - 9:30 at Gould Hall at the UW campus, 3949 15th Ave. NE. 

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