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August 18, 2006

Lamont and Edwards Together

John Edwards is the first national Democrat to stump in Connecticut for Lamont.  It is a sight to behold to see these two incredible men together talking about the real issues in this race - poverty, the war in Iraq, for example.  Here are a couple of video-clips, the first of Lamont talking, the second of Edwards talking, in a joint appearance in New Haven.  (If you aren't able to play videos on your computer, a report of the Lamont-Edwards event is here at Daily Kos.)

Part One: Lamont

Part Two: Edwards

It's clear that the unprecedented attacks on Ned Lamont have not slowed him down a bit.  And Edwards is making his way up my list of people to support for President as well.

And, since I'm on the topic of Ned, I want to pass along a link to Ned's recent editorial at the Wall Street Journal, speaking directly to businessfolk about why they need to be supporting true entrepreneurs, for themselves and for the country.  It's brilliant.  Here's the core of the article. 

Here are the four lessons of my business life that I talked about every day on the campaign trail, and that have resonated with Connecticut Democrats:

First, entrepreneurs are frugal beasts, because the bottom line means everything. In Connecticut, voters are convinced that Washington has utterly lost touch with fiscal reality. We talked about irresponsible budget policies that have driven the annual federal deficit above $300 billion and the debt ceiling to $9 trillion. Meanwhile, the government is spending $250 million a day on an unprovoked war in Iraq while starving needed social investment at home. I am a fiscal conservative and our people want their government to be sparing and sensible with their tax dollars.

Second, entrepreneurs invest in human resources. Our business strives to pay good wages and provide good health benefits so that we can attract employees that give us an edge in a competitive marketplace. Well-trained and well-cared-for people are essential for every business these days, particularly in a global economy. It's getting harder and harder for American businesses to compete on price, but we innovate and change better than any economy on the planet. The quality of our work force is one of America's competitive advantages--if our education system fails our children and our employers, we'll lose the future.

That's why I talked about my work as a volunteer teacher in the Bridgeport public schools, which can't afford to be open later than 2:30 p.m., schools that send children home to an empty house. That's why my campaign offered a strong alternative to standardized tests and No Child Left Behind. That's why I believe in an employer-based health-care system that covers everyone, and providing tax benefits to small businesses so they can provide insurance without risking bankruptcy.

• Third, in a market-driven economy, entrepreneurs can never lose touch with what customers, suppliers and workers are saying. A great strength of our campaign is that we embraced the grassroots and netroots, suburbs and inner cities, and used the most advanced technology to empower our door-knockers and activists. We listened hard and respectfully to what voters told us, and gave them the confidence to trust someone new.

Finally, entrepreneurs are pragmatic. Unlike some politicians, we don't draw a false strength from closed minds, and we don't step on the accelerator when the car is headed off the cliff.

Then, Ned doesn't say, "These are the reasons to vote for me", although certainly they are.  He say, "These are the reasons to get out of Iraq."  This guy is good.  No wonder the Republicans are going all out to prevent him from winning this seat.

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