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August 29, 2006

Mayor and Council offer lip service instead of significant funding for transit in Seattle

I intend to support the Seattle transportation measure, slated for the ballot this November.  However, I’m deeply disappointed with the lack of leadership by the Council and Mayor in crafting a pro-transit and pro-environment package.

The Seattle transportation proposal is heavily focused on basic road and bridge maintenance, and lacks significant funding for creating corridors that will give priority to transit and other modes of travel.   This car focused proposal comes at the expense of an environmental focus that funds transit and other choices.  I’m pleased with the provisions that do fund transit and other alternatives, but it’s simply not a big enough piece of the package.

As we move forward as a city there must be a focus on moving people, not cars. Seattle needs to invest in the infrastructure that will allow people to move safely and quickly through the city without a car by giving buses, bicycles, and pedestrians the priority they need.

The Seattle Transit Plan is just one example of what the city could do to focus on improving transit service in Seattle, with or without the funding from the transportation proposal.  Yet, the plan is gathering dust on a shelf at city hall, with Mayor Nickels and all nine councilmembers taking the easy and typical road by focusing new transportation resources on car-centric improvements.

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Nice piece. Any thoughts on what it might take in the way of public support to get us to dust off this report and begin acting on it?

Posted by: Lynn | Aug 30, 2006 9:15:06 AM

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