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August 04, 2006

More Attention on Richard Wright Please

Jim MaCabe over at McCranium in the Tri-Cities has a post asking why the eastern Washington papers don't report on the Wright campaign against "Doc" Hastings, the wildly corrupt Republican Congressman in the 4th CD.  Burner is surging in the 8th, Goldmark is the 5th is beginning to get some good numbers that tell us a win for him is possible if he can get the money to really compete.  Both of these challengers are being covered - first, in the blogs and then in the media.  Richard Wright is not.  He does not have the star power of either Darcy or Goldmark.  But he is a fine candidate.  Star power is lovely but it is not a necessity. 

Wright is with us on the critical issues of the day.  Hastings is every bit as bad as Reichert and McMorris for towing the Republican line on everything.  And, he is Chair of the ridiculously conflict-adverse Ethics Committee in the House, an ethics committee that has been MIA on the most corrupt set of Republican legislators in living memory. 

Jimmy's post is great.  I also ran across an earlier post that Jimmy put up - an interview with Wright.  And, of course, Wright's campaign website.

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