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August 13, 2006

There's Our Message

Lamont hit the message/ball out of the park today while being interviewed on "Fox News Sunday".  I didn't see the program but the transcript was put up by a diarist at DailyKos, atomicskunk.  Lamont said that there is a difference between the war on terror and the war in Iraq. 

Chris introduces a video-clip of Joe Lieberman by saying, "After the primary this week, Vice President Cheney said that your victory as an antiwar candidate encourages the Al Qaeda types. And Joe Lieberman picked up on that same theme after word of a terror plot in England. Let's take a look." 

In the video, Joe says, "If we just pick up as Ned Lamont wants us to do and get out by a date certain, it will be taken as a tremendous victory by the same people who wanted to blow up these planes and this plot hatched in England."

Wallace asked Lamont, "Does your victory show that at least some Americans are weakening in their will to fight the War on Terror?"

And Ned says,

No, I think on the contrary. What this election showed is that a lot of people in Connecticut think that the invasion of Iraq has nothing to do with our War on Terror. It's been a terrible distraction.  Here you are talking about the failed terrorist plot today. It originated in Pakistan, goes through London, and here we have 132,000 of our bravest troops stuck in the middle of a civil war in Iraq.  I think it was that disconnect that a lot of people focused on in Connecticut.

I'm pleased to say it goes on like that.  Lamont just keeps saying the truth.  He talks about alternative energy, the current polls, Lieberman.  I didn't see the show so it may have come off differently but it sure seems as if we have a champion out there, someone to carry our standard.  And I caught parts of Russ Feingold today on one of the other shows and of Howard Dean on another.  Wes Clark is always good.  These guys are doing putting out articulate, cohesive messages.  Thank you all.  Please, please keep it up.

Posted by Lynn Allen on August 13, 2006 at 10:17 PM in National and International Politics, Strategery | Permalink


This is the meme we need to continue to push. I had a to and fro at Sound Politics at http://soundpolitics.com/archives/006664.html last week on Eric Earling's posting "Follow-up on Lieberman, Lamont, & Schlesinger", that went like so (note: Misty drops out of the debate pretty quickly as she hasn't got more than one thought in her head, an Bill eventually has no more retorts of his own):


These two comments by the pollsters I found significant:

Half (52%) of Lamont voters believe Bush should be impeached and removed from office. Just 15% of Lieberman voters share that view.

Overall, 55% of Connecticut voters trust Lieberman more than Lamont when it comes to the War on Terror. Thirty-one percent (31%) trust Lamont.

Over at HA Goldy is gleefully describing Lamont as a "centrist", (do I know these people, or what?).

Lamont got the nomination courtesy of the far left of Sharpton, Jackson, and Kim Gandy, all of whom appeared with him at his victory podium. I still chuckle every time I picture them all standing up there.

If the Dems think they can make this fall's campaign a referendum on the War on Terror all I can say is "go for it!"

Posted by: Bill Cruchon on August 12, 2006 02:24 PM


Ha! That's why I can't take HA seriously. Everyone knows that Lamont was pushed by the far left because they did NOT want a centrist. Goldy really doesn't have a sense of reality or moral clarity or responsibility. I can't take him seriously. I could go on about it, but what's the point. Very little worth reading over there at HA.

Posted by: Misty on August 12, 2006 02:41 PM


Bill and Misty: regarding centrism, the quote I previously posted goes directly to Goldy's point:

"[unaffiliated voters] seem to go where the center is, and in Connecticut that's antiwar."

Lamont's stance on the Iraq war is where the Connecticut center is. You may not think that is the case, but in the rest of the country the majority of people believe the Iraq war has been a mistake (http://pollingreport.com/iraq.htm) and that we need to start reorganizing where we are placing our troops, and bring many of those in Iraq home or moving them elsewhere (like Afghanistan).

Posted by: Daniel K on August 12, 2006 02:55 PM


"Daniel K" says,"Lamont's stance on the Iraq war is where the Connecticut center is"

That's certainly not what these polls numbers reflect.

Posted by: Bill Cruchon on August 12, 2006 03:00 PM


Bill - the info on the page Eric points to only has some of the breakdown. It doesn't breakdown the Iraq war question. So the numbers we can see without a Rasmussen subscription don't indicate anything regarding the Iraq war. Maybe someone who has a subscription can dive into the details to find out what they report.

Posted by: Daniel K on August 12, 2006 03:06 PM


Sigh. In case you missed it earlier Daniel here it is:

Overall, 55% of Connecticut voters trust Lieberman more than Lamont when it comes to the War on Terror. Thirty-one percent (31%) trust Lamont.

Regardless of how voters feel about the war it comes down to a matter of trust. Maybe you're too young but I remember what happened to George McGovern under very similar circumstances.

Posted by: Bill Cruchon on August 12, 2006 03:12 PM


Bill - I didn't miss it. The "War on Terror" is not the "Iraq war".

Posted by: Daniel K on August 12, 2006 03:15 PM


Whoosh! That was the sound of my point going directly over your head Daniel.

Klink! Here's hoping you are a Democratic Party strategist!

Posted by: Bill Cruchon on August 12, 2006 03:26 PM


No Bill, you simply don't recognize that the Iraq War is a diversion from the so-called War on Terror. We are bogged down there, in the middle of another nation's civil war.

Posted by: Daniel K on August 12, 2006 03:31 PM


Daniel: In 1972 we were "bogged down" in an overwhelmingly unpopular civil war. It was called Vietnam. The Democratic "peace" candidate in 1972 won 1 state in the Presidential election against Richard Nixon. Clear enough?

Posted by: Bill Cruchon on August 12, 2006 03:49 PM


Bill - Extrapolate all you like about what this war will produce in the November election outcomes as compared to Vietnam and 1972 results, but that doesn't change my point regarding the Iraq war and how it is not the same as the "War on Terror", and that a poll question about one doesn't infer the same response on the other.

Posted by: Daniel K on August 12, 2006 04:26 PM


As you can see, it echoes what Lamont was stating (or he echoed what I was stating), and the wingnuts are doing all they can to try and convince people that the two are related when they are not.

Posted by: Daniel K | Aug 14, 2006 12:05:38 AM

Thanks for going into the Lion's Den with that very critical message. Time to take it to the Republicans.

Posted by: Lynn | Aug 14, 2006 12:54:31 AM

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