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August 05, 2006

Two Great Interviews : Darcy and Gregoire

"Wicked smart" is how the brothers Matthew and Peter Slutsky describe Darcy Burner in their introduction to an audio-clip that showcases Darcy's phenomenal grasp of the issues of the day.  Then they have an audio interview with Governor Gregoire and highlight her incredible negotiating skills and the seemingly intractable issues that she has managed the get resolved as governor.

Hat tip to Will at Pike Place Politics for turning me on to the Doublespeak Show.

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Old guys catch on slowly, but they catch on.I'm a a retired English prof,sometimes writer, new to Air America. I'd given up most talk radio--this is great to have.I'll be hustling to 1090 AM from now on,it my even get my political blood pressure high enough again to comment on more than me.

Posted by: Ken MacLean | Aug 15, 2006 9:32:05 PM

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