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August 03, 2006

Welcome Maria

Maria Cantwell has a post up at the NPI blog on the reasons she plans to vote against the odd combination tax bill that lowers the estate tax, raises the minimum wage and essentially imposes a minimum wage penalty on folks who rely on tips for part of their wages.  She focuses on the later part of the bill as the reason for her decision.  Turns out she was a waitress once upon a time.  She says:

I cannot support what amounts to a minimum wage penalty for over 122,000 Washington minimum wage earners. Why would the federal government work to lower the maximum wage rather than setting a minimum protection?

I am not buying this cynical Republican ploy.

Maria has taken a lot of grieve for her position on the war and well she should.  But the other reason we in the netroots have not warmed to her is her lack of participation here.  Nice to see her come play in our sandbox.  I think she will like it and I know we will. 

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