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September 10, 2006

Another Piece of the Disney/ABC Puzzle

Zenia Mucha, the EVP of Corporate Communications for Disney, is a Republican political shill.  According to Matt Stoller at MyDD, Mucha has been instrumental in George Pataki's political rise as governor of New York .  Pataki called her 'the Director of Revenge' when she was his enormously powerful advisor.  Prior to that she was Communications Director for Senator Al D'Amato, universally considered one of the nastiest Republicans around. 

She came to work for Eisner at Disney in 2001 in what most people thought was a lucrative break in a longer-term political career.  She is likely to wind up as campaign manager for Pataki as he seeks the Republican nomination for President in 2008. 

We are learning so much from this miserable episode about the details of how the Republicans and corporations work together to make money and keep power.   

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