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September 08, 2006

Comparing Tim Sheldon to Joe Lieberman

Howie Klein of Down With Tyranny and Firedoglake has discovered that our own Democratic State Senator in the 35th LD, Tim Sheldon, is as big a "brand-wrecker" as Lieberman.  I love that term.  I suspect we'll hear it more over the next two years as we go about cleaning out the debris in the Democratic woodpile. 

Howie got the message about Sheldon from Progressive Majority, which has been spear-heading the attempt to replace Tim Sheldon with a far better Democrat, Kyle Taylor Lucas.  The State Party has come out against Sheldon and endorsed Lucas in the primary, a pretty unusual but welcome step.  Here's Howie's take:   

Democrats don't get worse than Tim Sheldon. Unlike Lieberman he doesn't even make believe. He supported Bush for President right out in the open. Like Lieberman he has lots of nasty, vicious Republican talking points to throw at Democrats, giving the media an opportunity to ascribe right wing clap trap to "bi-partisan" opinion. He called Howard Dean "the most extreme figure in national politics." He supported Dino Rossi, the extreme right wing loon Washington Repugs ran against Christine Gregoire, and after Gregoire's victory Sheldon joined Republicans in the state senate in a vote to not certify her. He has also contributed thousands of dollars to GOP candidates.

A vicious and unrelenting homophobe, he cast the deciding vote in 2005 against a bill that would have made it illegal to discriminate against individuals based on sexual orientation. Over all his voting record is more Republican than Democratic on issue after issue-- always voting for corporate ambitions to gut environmental safeguards-- and supporting the religionist right, even on stem cell research.

It says a lot when a state House race attracts the attention of the national blogs.  Let's dump Sheldon.  I'm tired of having to count him in the Republican column when we're counting pros and cons for our progressive-backed bills.

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Ahh, now I see the plan. Complain about "Rubber Stamp Republicans" nationally and vote in "Rubber Stamp Democrats" in the state races.

Got it.

Posted by: Phil | Sep 9, 2006 7:30:18 AM

You and Howie obviously don't know Sheldon personally. I do. To say he's a "vicious homophobe" is an outright lie. He is nothing of the kind. He merely votes the way his constituents want him to. Call THEM vicious homophobes, if you like, but get the facts straight. Also, Sheldon voted WITH the D's to pass stem cell research, a deciding vote.His voting record is NOT more Republican than Democrat. I'm a liberal Democrat, and agree with at least half of all his votes. Why don't you city-slickers visit the 35th District once in a blue moon to see who he represents - then maybe you'll get a clue.

He also HEADS the Hood Canal Coordinating Council, which has been working with Gov. Gregoire and local tribes and environmental organizations to SAVE Hood Canal.

Your charges are nothing but political hype put out by his opponent and her Seattle operatives.
Extract your head from your nethers.

Posted by: Clagett | Sep 10, 2006 1:44:09 AM

Hmmm. Votes the way his constitutents want to. Ok, his constituents voted for John Kerry and Al Gore, yet Sheldon supported George W. Bush.

His constituents voted for smaller class size and higher teacher pay (I-732 and I-728), but Sheldon voted to eliminate those initiatives from the budget.

His constituents voted to raise the minimum wage, but Sheldon voted to reduce the minimum wage.

And if you think his constituents are such homophobes, the 35th's two Democratic state representatives, Eickmeyer and Haigh, both voted for the GLBT civil rights bill, with no blowback from their constituents. Neither has serious opponents and will easily be reelected.

And he works with environmental organizations? How come they are supporting his opponent?

Posted by: dan | Sep 10, 2006 9:57:21 AM

Sheldon's constituents also selected Dino Rossi over Gregoire, you forgot to mention, and Kerry squeaked by with a handful of votes out here.

The environmental (and other liberal ) organizations throwing big money into the Lucas campaign are from Seattle.They follow the lead of the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee, which is completely dominated by the rather intolerant Seattle liberals who would LOVE to bounce Sheldon from the Senate because he doesn't adhere to their dictates. All of Lucas' money comes from her Mason County-phobic Demo supporters in Thurston County (who have been trying to extract themselves from the embarrassment of being part of the conservative 35th for years), and from liberal special interest groups in Seattle (ERW,Conservation Voters, Paul Brainerd,Progressive Majority,etc.)who have probably never stepped foot in the 35th without a backpack for a day hike.

Lucas' independent expenditures are handled by political consultant Jason Bennett of Seattle, who also has on his client roster the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee -- hmmmmm! I smell a rat!

To say these folks are in touch with what goes on in the minds of voters in the 35th is ludicrous. Sure, they can plaster the 35th with vicious doorbell pieces and push polls filled with smears that distort Sheldon's real voting record, but they'd better understand what makes these folks tick if they want to get anywhere.I have yet to see Lucas propose ANYTHING specific beyond a wind machine on her supercard mailer. Sell that to a logger! She has no ideas beyond superficial generalities - she is simply the bobble-head doll fronting for the party organization that can't stand the way the people of the 35th think. If they manage to dump Sheldon, I guarantee you, she'll last one term and then you'll have a Republican in the 35th Senate Seat. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Posted by: Clagett | Sep 10, 2006 3:29:09 PM

Rep. Tim Sheldon is a Democrat In Name Only. He should have been run out of the Democratic Party years ago. He's also a confirmed homophobe. That lame excuse about voting for his constituents is crap. He has used it for years. I'm glad to see that Tim will be dumped from the Legislature this year finally at long last. He is basically immoral.

Posted by: Larry | Sep 18, 2006 5:59:42 PM


Thank you for your comments...I haven't laughed that hard in years. Your lack of knowledge astounds me. Aren't you aware that if you state something you should have evidence to back it up? You don't even know what office Sheldon holds...I'll give you a hint it starts with an "S" not an "R".....

I'll let this one slide...


Posted by: anonymous | Sep 25, 2006 9:30:26 PM

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