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September 25, 2006

Darcy Gains More From Rove Visit than Reichert

Reichert only picked up $3000 from new donors, three people at $1000 apiece?  Maybe Rove's vaunted fund-raising ability is drying up.  Wouldn't that be a shame?  Or maybe, Republicans are just tired of throwing good money after bad. 

If the FEC reports are to be believed, Darcy Burner gained more from Karl Rove's visit to Medina 10 days ago than Dave Reichert did - by a long shot.  Coolaqua's blog did the research on the financial impact of Rove's visit on Reichert's fundraising.  Here's what he says:

Karl Rove's fundraiser for Dave Reichert was held on September 15th, and the Washington State Primary Election was held on September 19th.  The Federal Election Commission FEC requires that FEC form 6 be filed within 48 hours of contributions of $1,000 or more received after the 20th day, but more than 48 hours, before 12:01 a.am. of the day of any election in which the candidate participates.

Since the Karl Rove fundraiser was held within the required reporting period specified by the FEC for the Washington State Primary, Dave Reichert's FEC Form 6 (go to p. 2 for figures) would have to report all donations of $1,000 or more received at the Karl Rove fundraiser for the Primary.

An inspection of Republican Dave Reichert's FEC Form 6 for September 15th indicates he received a total of $5500 in donations in increments of $1,000 or more for the primary.  And of that amount $2500 was from an out of state PAC from Alexandria Virginia.

When it was first announced that Rove would be coming to campaign for Reichert, Darcy replied to a reporter's question about it with a comment something like (I couldn't find the reference, sorry), "That's great.  When Bush came, we got more money out of the trip than Reichert did."  She was right and her campaign did a good job of taking advantage of Bush's trip and they outdid themselves with Rove's trip.

Apparently about 100 people, members of what Reichert calls his "Dome Club" listened to Rove speak, according to a Seattle Times article.  They had previously paid $1000 to hear four party leaders this year.  But whatever Rove said seems not to have inspired them.  Only 3 people reached into their wallets and wrote an additional check.  (Plus the Physical Therapist's PAC out of Alexandria, VA.  I wonder if their members know what their dues are being used for?)  That is not good news for Rove or Reichert.  I've been to a lot of fund-raisers and I know.  That is a miserable take. 

In contrast, Darcy received at least $156,230 from a 10-day special fund-raising campaign that her campaign set up to offset Rove's presence.  Maria Cantwell asked her own donors to help Darcy that week and her campaign for Darcy raised at least $43,755.  Pretty impressive.  One of these candidates is really surging in this race and it's not the guy who votes with Bush nearly 90% of the time. 

Add in the primary voting results, which have Darcy with 46,917 votes and Reichert with 44,973 votes.   I was out doorbelling for Darcy again yesterday and at least half the folks I talked to, who were coded as "Undecided" by the campaign, were firmly for Darcy and against Reichert.  A few were firmly for Reichert but the rest are still undecided.  It's looking good.  To keep up the momentum, go on over to Darcy's site and contribute money - end of the quarter is coming up here - or time. 

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Note that many of these attendees were repeat donors so couldn't give anymore to Reichert, so probably gave to the WA State Republicans (although they might've given to the King Cty GOP since they're broke)...

Posted by: paco and taco | Sep 25, 2006 10:37:35 AM

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