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September 08, 2006

Don't You Wish He Lived in Your District?

Kirsten Gillibrand is another one of those great new Democratic candidates running against a not-quite grown-up fraternity boy in NY-20, Republican John Sweeney.  Like many Republicans, Sweeney has a race on his hands this year and he is evidently attacking his challenger unfairly.  I'm guessing he's going to wish he hadn't done that after this current ad campaign is over.

You see, actor David Straithairn, who played newscaster Edward R. Murrow in the movie "Good Night, and Good Luck" lives in this district.  And Straithairn, backed up by a great team of video technicians and ad-folks, did a couple of versions of an ad for Democratic candidate Gillibrand.  He is playing Murrow in this ad and it is great.  Take a look.

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